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Date: 13 Jun 2019 Author Type: Press Release
Author: MAN South Africa
Source: MAN South Africa
In the past two years, the Procurement Agency of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior has ordered a total of 950 vehicles in various categories from MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland to be used by the country’s Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) and Federal Police.

  • 178 equipment vehicles
  • 210 personnel lorries
  • 152 (loading crane) tippers
  • 400 multi-purpose equipment vehicles
  • 10 tankers for Federal Police helicopter landing sites
The THW is a German federal civil protection agency that provides technical relief during disasters, public emergencies and large-scale accidents, operating both in Germany and around the world. In a series of tenders the Procurement Agency of the Federal Ministry of the Interior awarded MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland contracts to supply a total of 950 vehicles to the THW.

The 178 equipment vehicles are tried and tested MAN TGM 18.290 models with all-wheel drive, leaf-spring suspension on the front and rear axles and a long crew cab from MAN Individual.

Add to this 210 MAN TGM 18.290 personnel lorries with crew cabs and a platform/tarpaulin-covered body, based on a 4x4 chassis with leaf-spring suspension on the front and rear axles. 400 MAN TGM 18,290 multi-purpose equipment wagons are also vested with this system.

Some of the 152 MAN TGS 18.420 three-way tippers are fitted with loading cranes.

The 10 tankers are used of the Federal Police for refuelling helicopters. To ensure that the fuel supply does not only function on well-developed airfields, the German Federal Police ordered tankers based on the MAN TGS 18.420 4x4H BL and equipped with on-demand MAN HydroDrive front wheel drive.

“We are proud that the THW has opted for MAN. Emergency personnel and relief workers need particularly reliable and robust vehicles that must be operational at zero notice for many years. We’d like to wish all THW personnel our very best – and safe travels always,” said Holger Mandel, chairman of the Management Board of MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland.
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