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Date: 15 Nov 2019 Author Type: Press Release
Author: MAN South Africa
Source: MAN South Africa
No maintenance or disassembly; makes more efficient use of available space; low-noise operation.

MAN Engines valve train with integrated hydraulic valve lash adjuster elements MAN Engines will be launching a maintenance-free valve train for industrial engines at the Agritechnica show. For this, the engine manufacturer is using a hydraulic valve lash adjuster, which makes regular checking and adjustment of the valve train unnecessary. Machine operators will benefit from the elimination of routine maintenance intervals and the resulting costs. “The cylinder head cover is often very difficult to access due to the limited space available in the machines. This means checking the valve clearance often entails time-consuming disassembly. With the hydraulic valve lash adjuster we are offering a solution that saves time and money, and thereby generates real added value for our customers,” comments Reiner Roessner, MAN Engines Head of Sales.

Balancing of the valve clearance, which is necessary due to thermally induced changes in length and wear of the components in the operating clearance of all industrial engines, is carried out automatically by means of a hydraulic element on the rocker arm. The hydraulic valve lash adjuster replaces adjusting screws with which the valve clearance was previously adjusted manually, and ensures that the valve timing corresponds to the optimum design timing of the engine. This guarantees low and constant exhaust and consumption figures over the entire product lifecycle. In addition, noise emission due to the valve clearance is prevented, which results in the even smoother running of the engine. The elimination of disassembly and maintenance work also brings further benefits: The transfer of deposits and dirt into the engine is prevented. In addition, the space freed up above the cylinder head can be used more efficiently in many future applications. This increases machine manufacturers’ flexibility and options for motor integration into the application. This makes it possible, for example, to locate increasingly complex exhaust gas after-treatment systems close to the engine in order to comply with ever stricter emission limits.

The valve train is expected to be available from 2021, and will be installed in the D1556, D2676, D3876 and D4276 straight-six engines.

MAN Engines at Agritechnica
A model of the hydraulic valve lash adjuster will be demonstrated on the cut-away model of the new 16.2 liter MAN D4276 diesel engine at the Agritechnica show taking place at the Hanover Exhibition Centre from November 10 to 16. The MAN Engines stand D41 in hall 16, on a footprint of more than 200 square meters, will also play host to the D1556 9-liter diesel engine, the E3268 V8 gas engine, as well as the company’s modular exhaust gas after-treatment system. MAN Truck & Bus will be showcasing a special agricultural truck that demonstrates the versatility of trucks in the agricultural sector.
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